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Vienna Dialogue on OD

The sustainable development of a city depends on: the productivity and changeability of its organizations, the creativity of the people who create and/or make these organizations possible, and the effective cooperation between social systems.
The concept of change that we have makes a significant difference. Organizational development offers a definition of change which is an adequate basis for development, as well as critical dialogue about social development.
Internationally-recognized experts in organizational development will be invited to the Vienna Dialogue on Organizational Development. This gives Austrian managers, scientists, and consultants the opportunity to exchange individual experiences and lessons learned. The event series is designed to provide participants with a continuous opportunity for international know-how transfer.
The Vienna Dialogue on Organizational Development includes a public lecture and a workshop. Both formats are held in English.

Upcoming events

Philip Mirvis
┬┤Consciousness Raising Via Learning Journeys.
Using OD to Connect Business to Society┬┤

June 10-11, 2010

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