M/O/T 2010
International Conference on Management Learning
December 1-4, 2010 / Vienna, Austria

UPDATED December 22nd 2010, 4.13pm --> KEYNOTE SPEECHES

Management Makes the World Go Around

Learning for the Future in Management and Organizations

The M/O/T school for Management, Organizational Development and Technology invites researchers, educators, and executives to join us in an exciting conference focusing on the future of learning in management and organizations, to be held in Vienna, Austria on 1-4 December 2010.

The conference will discuss new challenges for management learning in the light of economic crisis and climate change and will highlight key experiences from both the practice of learning in organizations and new ways of teaching management and leadership.

The current tumultuous economic and financial crisis and the intensifying threats caused by climate change are symptoms of a global system that is out of balance. It is increasingly assumed that managers share the responsibility for these developments. After all, management as a major force in the shaping of global economic conditions and social relations makes the world go around. At present an alliance of business schools, publishers and certification agencies is rapidly organizing the learning of executives and leaders into a global industry developed by professional managers.

But under these circumstances do MBA courses and executive education programs in business schools offer the appropriate learning for current challenges? And can managers learn the lessons of the crisis in these learning environments? Or does the transformation of learning into a global business rather tend to discourage critical thinking and reflective patterns of learning?

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