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Master of Organizational Development is Top!

In April 2010 the "Industriemagazin" has interviewed 385 local executives for their subjective assessment and personal experience with the 250 existing postgraduate management courses in Austria.
The results show that the master´s programm offered by the Department of Organizational Development and Group Dynamics - now available under the umbrella organization of the M/O/T School of Management, Organizational Development and Technology - can compete with the major Austrian training providers.
When asked about their personal experiences with the study, the master's program is on excellent 15th Place and in good company with offers of the Medical University of Vienna, the University of Vienna or the Danube University Krems.

Vienna Dialogue on Organizational Development
with Philip Mirvis

Consciousness Raising Via Learning Journeys.
Using OD to Connect Business to Society

The department of Organizational Development and Group Dynamics is pleased to announce it´s next upcoming lecture in the event series "Vienna Dialogue on Organizational Development".

From June 10 – 11, 2010 Philip Mirvis is giving a lecture and a Workshop on the topic "Consciousness Raising Via Learning Journeys - Using OD to Connect Business to Society".

Opening and moderation:
Univ. Doz. Dr. Hubert Lobnig, Lemon Consulting

Lecture: June 10, 2010, 18:00-21:00
Workshop: June 11, 2010, 09:00-17:00

Location: IFF-Seminarcentre
Schottenfeldgasse 29, 1070 Wien

Fees: Lecture: free of charge
Workshop: € 250.-

RSVP (christian.neugebauer@uni-klu.ac.at).


How can organization development (OD) practitioners raise people’s consciousness about
their true aspirations and enlarge their self-picture about what they might accomplish through
their work and organizations? How can OD practitioners help companies to align and activate
people to common purpose and to ennoble that purpose with meaning?
How can service experiences help to connect individuals and their companies to issues and
interests in society?
The usual tools – self-assessment exercises, peer feedback and discussion, personal and
collective visioning, real-time situation analyses, problem solving, goal-setting, and the like –
can all contribute. But modestly-scaled journeys involving, say, hiking in a forest, service
learning in local hospitals, an orphanage, or community centers, and two-way interaction with
other leaders, operators, and customers in another environment and line of work can also open
minds and stimulate fresh thinking about new personal and collective directions.
On the surface, the idea of consciousness raising would seem rather far a field for business
executives. Yet the case can be made that it is very applicable to the development of leaders
and their companies today.

Philip Mirvis will describe the design and use of various “consciousness-raising” experiences
in several corporate development programs and he will report firsthand observations and
reflections from executives who participated in these programs. He will start with the case for
consciousness raising for business leaders and will then document the impact of such
experiences on executive’s self-awareness, understanding of others, dealings with diversity,
and engagement with the larger world.


Philip Mirvis is an organizational psychologist and senior research fellow at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. His studies and private practice concerns largescale organizational change, the character of the workforce and workplace, and business leadership in society. An advisor to businesses and NGOs in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, he has authored ten books on his studies including The Cynical Americans (social trends), Building the Competitive Workforce (human capital), Joining Forces (the human dynamics of mergers) and To the Desert and Back (a business transformation case). His most recent is Beyond Good Company: Next Generation Corporate Citizenship. Mirvis is a fellow of the Work/Family Roundtable, a board member of the Citizens Development Corporation, and formerly a Trustee of the Foundation for Community Encouragement and Society for Organization Learning.

Mirvis has a B.A. from Yale University and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the
University of Michigan. He has taught at Boston University, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai,
China and the London Business School.

MCD 2009

4th International Conference on Management Consulting
June 11 – 13, 2009, Vienna, Austria
PhD Seminar – Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Changing Paradigm of Consulting
Adjusting to the Fast-Paced World

  description (PDF, 691 KB).

Vienna Dialogue on OD - Program 2009

Edgar Schein: Getting Subcultures to Work Togehter: The Key to Managing Change

4th and 5th May, 2009

Organizations are sets of diverse and overlapping sub-cultures. Creating innovation and improving effectiveness requires that these sub-cultures are aligned with each other and work together. How to get the financially focused executive sub-culture, the design and innovation focused engineering sub-culture, and the pragmatic reality focused operator sub-culture to work together is the major challenge for the leader of tomorrow. Leaders must learn how to decipher and assess cultural processes so that they can use them to strengthen the organization.


The Department of Organizational Development and Group Dynamics, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies (IFF) at the University of Klagenfurt invites you to an "Organization Lab" near Vienna, from February 23-27, 2009. This seminar will be conducted as part of the Master's Course in Organizational Development at the University of Klagenfurt, in cooperation with the Center for Social Competence of the University of Graz.

This extraordinary learning experience will allow you to:

• Building an organization that is learning
• witness and observe the entire formation process of an organization, from start to finish
• experiment with the managing of organizational processes
• reflect on the relationship between the individual, the group and the organization
• experience and evaluate the processes of self-organization
• to work together and make new contacts with students from Austria, Switzerland, and the United States in an intercultural setting

The Organization Lab will be held in English and German if at least five English-speaking students participate. Continuous attendance is required.

Information and Registration:

iff-Organizational Development & Group Dynamics
A-1070 Wien, Schottenfeldgasse 29
Petra Lubinger
Tel.: 0043 1 522 4000 / 208; Fax: 0043 1 522 4000 / 277
email: iff.oe@uni-klu.ac.at


Start: May 2010

An On-the-Job Training Program for Executives, Experts and Consultants

The curriculum reflects the growing significance of competence in managing necessary processes of change. Specific qualifications which are required for this are not covered in traditional management curriculum. The program helps businesses create structures for productively shaping the processes of change and so to develop modern, customer-oriented organizations. The program is supported by a team of trainers consisting of excellent consultants and academic experts. They work in the field of business organization and possess a wide range of experience in the investigation and consultation of organizations in both the profit and non-profit sectors.

Professional qualification: After successful completion of the 2-year program it is possible to acquire the title "Master of Science in Organization Development". The prerequisite for entry into the Master's Program is the successful completion of a graduate degree or an equivalent professional qualification.

Our customer: The program is open to:

• Executives from various levels of management whose leadership function involves them in
organizational questions
• People who are involved with organization development, for example in the areas of project management, personnel development, quality management or in specialized organization development functions.
• People who work as external consultants or coaches of processes of change in an organization

We invite interested candidates from varied sectors such as health, education, social services, environment, media, telecommunications, arts, economics, science, etc.

Informationdays :
Vienna: April 20, 2009 and September 14, 2009
Zurich: January 23, 2009 and September 25, 2009.

Information and Registration:

iff-Organizational Development & Group Dynamics
A-1070 Wien, Schottenfeldgasse 29
Petra Lubinger
Tel.: 0043 1 522 4000 / 208; Fax: 0043 1 522 4000 / 277
email: iff.oe@uni-klu.ac.at