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Paul Weiß
born 28.04.1901 in Vienna, died after 1977
Address: Vienna 13, Ghelengasse 11/2

Paul Weiß, born in Vienna in 1901 and Austrian citizen since 1914, was vice-consul. He was married in Vienna in 1932. He emigrated to Mexico. A daughter lives in Vienna today.

Chronological overview of "Aryanisation", utilisation and restitution

15 October 1938: Vice-consul Paul Weiß's apartment, car and securities are "aryanised" by the Gestapo.

February 1939: The Amt des Reichsstatthalters gives the "Depot of Movables" the instruction to take possession of the apartment furnishings. According to the register, the inventory of the objects is concluded in June.

Summer 2000: The objects from Paul Weiß's property that are still available are returned to his daughter in Vienna.


Military bed.
Taken from the 'aryanised' apartment of Paul Weiß

Held ready for restitution since 1998

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