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Emil Stiaßny
born 25.12.1881 in Neudorf/Bohemia, died after 1956
Address: Vienna 2., Heinestraße 21/7 [1938: Schönererstraße 21/7]

Emil Stiaßny, born in Bohemia in 1881, was the owner of two hotels: "Deutscher Hof" in Vienna 2 and "Tiroler Hof" in the center of Vienna. In 1939, he was able to emigrate to Shanghai from where he later went to Los Angeles/USA. There, he married to his third wife, Gertrude Grün (born Schwarz) from Vienna, in 1953. He was related to Sigmund Stiaßny, the last executive president of the "Gesellschaft für Sammlung und Konservierung von Kunst- und historischen Denkmälern des Judentums" (Society for the Collection and Restoration of Judaic Works of Art and Historical Monuments).

Chronological overview of "Aryanisation", utilisation and restitution

19 June 1938: The residential building, the apartment and the two hotels "Deutscher Hof" and "Tiroler Hof" are "aryanised". The "Depot of Movables", deals exclusively with the confiscated furnishings of the apartment.

August 1938: The "Depot of Movables" records a list of all the objects on the scene. After a discussion with the Denkmalamt (Office of Historical Monuments), the customised furnishings are not dismantled nor transported, for this is considered to be "loss of value and vandalism". Twenty-five carpets, which Josefine Stiaßny is still able to store in a furniture firm on 26 July 1938, are collected by the "Depot of Movables" in December 1938 and stored in their own carpet storeroom.

May 1940: The Reichsbauamt Ost (Planning and Construction Office of the Reich for Eastern Europe) in Vienna moves into the house and takes over a large part of the furniture for its office purposes. The other part is brought to the "Depot of Movables". Tableware, china and glass are stored in the Silver Collection of the "Depot of Movables".

1941/1944: 114 books are handed over to the Nationalbibliothek and a model ship to the Technisches Museum (Museum of Science and Technology), 13 non-listed objects are handed over to the weapon collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) and approximately 150 other objects, not listed in the Inventory, are sold by auction at the Dorotheum in Vienna in 1944.

1947-1951: In 1947, Emil Stiaßny initiates a restitution procedure for his house as well as for the "Deutscher Hof" hotel. At the beginning of 1951, the restitution commission grants him back the hotel that had been badly damaged by bombing.

October 1969: The objects that had been stored in the Silver Collection in 1940 without being recorded in the Inventory are sold by auction at the Dorotheum in Vienna for the "Collection Points A and B for the benefit of political or racial victims", as no claim for their restitution had been made.

1999/2000: Descendants of Emil Stiaßny are still being sought.


Statue, marble.
Taken from the 'aryanised' apartment of Emi Stiaßny

Held ready for restitution since 1999

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