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Oskar Pöller
born 18.5.1883 in Scala, murdered 2.4.1942 in a Concentration Camp
Address: Vienna 4., Prinz Eugen Straße 34/3 (home and office)
Vienna 4., Operngasse 20/Rechte Wienzeile 1a "Bärenmühle" (hire agency)

The Privy Councillor Oskar Leon Pöller, born in Poland in 1883, was the son of Dr. Hermann Pöller and Regina Pöller (born Zwerdling). He had been an Austrian citizen since 1924. He lived in Berlin until 1933 and escaped to Vienna just after National Socialism had come into power. As a building contractor, he erected blocks of flats between Karlsplatz, Rechte Wienzeile and Operngasse. At the beginning of 1938, weakened by a stroke, he fled to the Netherlands and further on to France in 1938/39. There, he was arrested and on 2 April 1942 was murdered "in a concentration camp in France". His son was able to emigrate and died in Chicago in 1946. His wife Elisabeth (*1890 in Prague) and his daughter Erika Maria Theresia (*1922) were arrested in Paris and, in 1942, were transported together via Drancy to the concentration camp of Auschwitz and murdered. His daughter Angela Romana Teschner (*1918) lives in the USA.

Chronological overview of "Aryanisation", utilisation and restitution

15 July 1938: Six blocks of flats in Vienna 1 and 4 as well as Oskar Pöller's house are confiscated by the Gestapo. However, the two houses in Operngasse 18, 20/Rechte Wienzeile 1, 1a had already been "bought" at the beginning of April from Oskar Pöller by Hilda Vogt for a dumping price. The money is placed in a trust that the Gestapo seizes in 1940. Oskar Pöller receives only 50 000 shillings.

September 1938: The "Depot of Movables" is given instructions to enter the furniture of the hire agency in Operngasse 20/Rechte Wienzeile 1a in the Inventory. The new tenants of the rooms - among others the Traktoren-Union (Tractor Union) - continue to use the furniture provisionally. The furnishings of the private apartment and of the main office next to it in Vienna 4., Prinz Eugen-Straße 34, in which a particularly precious inventory, period furniture, carpets and a collection of china are found, is likewise "aryanised". The "Depot of Movables" is not involved.

1939: The furniture of the hire agency is transferred to the "Depot of Movables" and registered in the Inventory.

1948-1957: In June 1948, Oskar Pöller's heirs begin a restitution procedure against the buyer of the real estate, Hilda Vogt. In 1949, they are granted the houses on principle, but the negotiations drag on until 1957. In 1951, a comparison of the heirs is rejected. After over nine years of litigation, the house is not returned. In 1957, the owner keeps the house for a small equalisation payment to the heirs.

1999: Numerous letters are written to the heir, but no answer has been received to date.


Taken from the 'aryanised' apartment of Oskar Pöller

Held ready for restitution since 1998

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