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The Depot of Movables

The Imperial "Depot of Movables and Material" was a court service and administrative authority founded in 1747 by Empress Maria Theresa and modelled after the French garde-meuble. Its main function was to provide the furnishings for Imperial apartments, both those in the Vienna Hofburg (imperial residence) and those the empress occupied when she travelled. In 1848, the Obersthofmeisteramt (Office of the Grand Master of the Household) was dissolved and the responsibility for royal furnishings delegated to the Schlosshauptmannschaften (administrations of the individual palaces and residences). In 1901, a depot with workshops and spacious storage facilities was established in Mariahilferstrasse, and the furnishing of both palaces and public offices was centralised.

After the end of the monarchy, the Depot, along with other divisions of the Imperial household (Court Silver and Table Room, Court Linen Room, Court Light Room, Court cellar, Court kitchens) was taken over by the republic and placed under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce as Bundesmobilienverwaltung (Federal administration of movables). It was mainly designed to be a collection of objects with which to furnish public offices, ministries and embassies. In addition, small museum collections went on display in 1923 in the Silver Room and the "Depot of Movables".

The mid-1980s marked the beginning of a slow reorientation process aimed at turning the increasingly valuable collections into museums. A new concept had to be developed, especially for the museum area, while at the same time continuing the task of managing and lending the furnishings. Both collections were refurbished and reorganised: the Silver Room reopened in 1995, and the Imperial "Depot of Movables" was converted to its present form, a large museum, in 1998. The private limited Schönbrunn Cultural and Organisational Company has served as the operating authority of both museums since they opened.




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