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Moritz König
born 20.05.1891 in Moscon, murdered December 1944
Address: Vienna 1., Spiegelgasse 19/25

Moritz König, born in Hungary in 1891 and Austrian citizen since 1921, was the owner of the firm A. König (linen business) in Vienna 1., Spiegelgasse 8, with branches in Vienna 1., Stock-im-Eisen-Platz 3 and in Badgastein, Kirchplatz 8. He was single and had no children. In 1938 he became a Hungarian citizen. His registration in Vienna was cancelled by the police with the annotation: "beginning of September 1939: arrested in Ober Pullendorf". In the end, he lived in Budapest VI, Terét kurut 17, from where he was taken away by Hungarian fascists on 28 November 1944. He was legally declared dead in 1948 - 15 December 1944 was determined as the date of his death.

Chronological overview of "Aryanisation", utilisation and restitution

22 October 1938: Moritz König's flat in Vienna is confiscated by the Gestapo. The real estate and a villa in Neuhaus im Triestingtal are also confiscated and, together with the firm A. König, are "aryanised" immediately afterwards by Kurt Suter. The latter dies in 1940 and bequeaths all to his family.

January 1939: The Amt des Reichsstatthalters (governor's office of the Reich) gives the "Depot of Movables" the instruction to transfer the furniture, those still in the flat in Spiegelgasse 19 and those which has been deposited in the storagefirm "Lüftschitz" to the "Depot of Movables" and enter it in the Inventory.

1948-1956: In 1948, Moritz König's descendants apply for the restitution of the firm. The procedure is not concluded until 1956, in favour of the successors.

1998-2000: The search for the heirs leads, in addition to Vienna, to Tel-Aviv, Budapest, Copenhagen and Bratislava. No one has been found yet.

Oil painting on canvas.
Taken from the 'aryanised' apartment of Moritz König

Held ready for restitution since 1999

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