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Viktor Ephrussi
born 1860 in Odessa, died 06.02.1945 in England
Address: Vienna 1., Dr. Karl Lueger-Ring 14/ Schottengasse 11

Viktor Ephrussi was the owner of the bank "Ephrussi & Co." in Vienna, with branches in Paris and London, which his father, Ritter Ignaz Ephrussi (born 1829 in Odessa, died 31 May 1899 in Vienna), had founded in 1856. He was married to Emilie Freifrau von Schey-Koromla. In 1872/73, Theophil Hansen built Ephrussi Palace in the Wiener Ringstraße (today: Dr. Karl Lueger-Ring 14). In 1938, Viktor Ephrussi emigrated to England. His grandchildren live in England, Japan, the USA and Mexico.

Chronological overview of "Aryanisation", utilisation and restitution

27 April 1938: Ephrussi Palace in the Wiener Ringstraße, a floor of which was Viktor Ephrussi's apartment, was "aryanised" by the Gestapo. The Bank "Ephrussi & Co." was "aryanised" by C.A. Steinhäusser, a partner and confidential clerk of many years.

May 1938: The apartment was placed at the disposal of the "Rosenberg Office", but then assigned to the Amt für Wildbach- und Lawinenverbauung (Office for Flood and Avalanche Control).

June 1939: The Gestapo and the Amt für Wildbach- und Lawinenverbauung make a list of the objects. Most of them are left to the office that took over the house. The books are directly handed over to the Nationalbibliothek by the Gestapo. Numerous "artistic and high-quality pieces that are unsuitable for office purposes" go respectively to the Kunsthistorische Museum (Art History Museum) and Naturhistorische Museum (Natural History Museum). All the other objects are transferred to the "Depot of Movables".

1945/46: The Palace and the Amt für Wildbach- und Lawinenverbauung's furniture located inside are taken over by the American occupation authorities - American Headquarters/ Legal Council Property Control Sub-Section.

1946-1948: After a special investigation, the public administrator of Viktor Ephrussi's property, Hans Leissner, finds out that objects from Ephrussi's household are in the "Depot of Movables" and applies for restitution. At the end of the procedure, in July 1948, the objects are returned to their legitimate heirs.

Beginning of 2000: The descendants are contacted with regard to the restitution of the remaining furniture as, in spite of the restitution in 1948, some objects were left in the "Depot of Movables".


Bronze table.
Taken from the 'aryanised' apartment of Viktor Ephrussi

Held ready for restitution since 1999

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