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In January 2000, all "Aryanised" objects that are still available were photographed in a storeroom of the Depot of Movables in Vienna. After these pictures had been digitalised, texts were added at different levels.

For those objects which are no longer available, the empty room of the depot is shown. The upper part of the picture is used to display the name by which these objects were entered into the inventory of the Depot of Movables in 1939/40.

The text in the lower third of the pictures contains the following information:
- The first line gives the inventory number of the Depot of Movables (MD number), thus representing the bureaucratic registration and administration of the object.
- The second line indicates one use of the individual object.
- The third line provides information on the last or current location of the object.

The display of photographs shows objects from eight "aryanised" apartments in the chronological order of their entry into the inventory. There are three categories of pictures:
- Photographs of those objects which were stored in the Depot of Movables before their restitution.
- Objects that can still be named, but are no longer available in the Depot of Movables.
- Objects which were listed but not entered into the Inventory.

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